What is Xi ?

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Xi Extended Intelligence

The DALI lighting protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) was first introduced in 2001 specifically for the commercial lighting industry. In the last 5 years we have seen it rapidly adopted throughout the world in many projects due to its simple low cost wiring, bi-directional communication and the different types of devices that can be on the network.

For more information on DALI, please visit the official working group www.dali-ag.org

There are a set of commands common to all DALI devices however special instruction command sets can be utilised with special devices. This is known as as either extended DALI or e-DALI. The Gerard Lighting Group has established a special team within their intelligent lighting research division to develop the world’s most intelligent DALI lighting network.

Introducing “Diginet’s Xi–extended intelligence” the next generation platform of digital intelligence of DALI lighting networks. Both Intuitive software and unique hardware features will embrace the digital lighting era, prepare for the evolution of digital lighting this 2014…

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Key Features

Xi Chip

The Xi chip is a unique piece of digital engineering integrated into our devices.

Authentic Branding

Authentic Xi Hologram labels ensure you have a genuine Xi product.

3rd Party

The opportunity for integration will be licensed to OEM manufacturers.

Developer Kit

Our SDK will allow Xi features in your product for approved developers.