Sports Lighting Control Design Guide Australia

Sports Lighting Control Design Guide for Australian Sports Fields

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Designing an effective Sports Lighting Control solution helps Australian councils, sporting clubs and sporting venues sustainably manage the operation of their sports field lighting in an accountable way.

Cloud based sports lighting control systems like RAPIX Cloud provide operators enterprise level, remote sports lighting control solutions for a range of sports field types and codes.

RAPIX Cloud enables sports clubs and councils to securely and conveniently control their sports lighting from any browser enabled device such a mobile phones, tablets and PC’s.



This design guides provides single line diagrams of the lighting control equipment required to achieve exceptional outcomes in Sports lighting control solutions using Australia designed hardware and software.

In this article about sports field lighting control systems design, stakeholders will find in depth information about all aspects of sports field lighting control design and can be read as a companion to this downloadable design guide.

 Download this design guide to learn and be guided on best practice for designing Sports Lighting Control solutions for Australia.

RAPIX Cloud Delivers Exceptional Sports Lighting Control Solutions

RAPIX Cloud uses Australian designed RAPIX lighting control system hardware to provide a complete dimming and switching capable sports lighting solution for all sport lighting applications


RAPIX Cloud is a purpose built sports lighting control solution providing dimming capability for LED sports lighting and unlimited* switching scenarios for traditional sports lighting light sources using international standards for lighting control

Remote Control

Secure and simple access to control, monitor, manage, visualise, report and bill across all sports fields and locations anywhere in Australia. Councils, club owners and users each have different levels of control which can be updated in realtime from anywhere. 

Reports & Billing

Data integrity is assured to provide detailed usage statistics and calculated energy consumption for accountability and sustainability of the sports lighting systems, across all fields, locations, clubs and users. Fine, detailed reporting to a single user capable. 

Secure sports lighting control solution


Cloud based sports lighting control systems must be secure and data sovereignty maintained for Australian use. RAPIX Cloud provides Australia’s most stringent security protocol ‘out of the box’ for no extra charge or maintenance overhead, anything less equals risk.