Speed Up DALI Addressing And Commissioning

DALI Addressing Made Simple - RAPIXOne of the first things you notice when installing and configuring a DALI installation – known as DALI Addressing –  is that applying and then identifying which DALI Short Address (ie a DALI Control Gear’s unique identity) has been  assigned to which control gear takes a significant amount of time.



Why Does DALI Addressing Take So Long?

The reason for this is that every DALI Control Gear leaves the factory with a default ‘New Unit’ identity also known as a ‘Long Address’.

  • When DALI software first scans or re-scans a DALI Line one of the first things it does is broadcasts any inquiry asking for ‘any New Units’.
  • All New Units will answer but with a subtle time delay between each so that the first one that answers becomes Short Address.
  • The software then asks again and again until no New Units are left to respond.

The issue now is identifying which piece of DALI control gear has which (of the up to 64) Short Addresses.

Historically this has been achieved by using the configuration software to switch a Short Address on and then tour the building to find which light is on – to ID every light on a DALI line with this method can take 2 hours or more.

So How Do I Speed Up the DALI Addressing & Commissioning Process?

Diginet RAPIX Addressing offers a novel twist on this process, the DALI Short Addresses are still applied at ‘random’ but the ID process is greatly simplified.

From a PC connected via a USB interface to the DALI line a WiFi link serves a web page to any Apple or Android smart phone, tablet or pad, using a WiFi router this can be up to 70 metres from the PC.

From this Remote Smart device the Diginet patented Rapid Find algorithm will allow you to walk around the building and ID every light and, if required change its Short Address there and then.

A whole DALI Line can be identified in less than 30 minutes

Diginet and DALI – We Get It!