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RAPIX Addressing

Download RAPIX Addressing v6.6
RAPIX Addressing is the simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing.

To use RAPIX Addressing you will need a UDID – USB to DALI Interface Device.

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Date Added: 26 April 2018

New Features
  • eHub firmware update over DALI (under tools menu).
  • Added template “Zone and Xi Timer”.
  • Added DALI Level option for adjacent zones to the “Motion Sensor Advanced” template.
  • Fixed the DALI Logger short address filter.

Previous Versions

RAPIX Addressing v6.5 (19 March 2018)

  • Show names of eHubs and DALI Devices in the log.
  • Updated the Scene Blast feature to provide option for Scenes to apply.
  • In eHub editor, show which sensors are Master and Slave.
  • In eHub editor, changed colour that shows sensor motion to green.
  • Show pop-up hint to explain the meaning of the Dry Contact “Invert Toggle Sense” check box.
  • On the Addressing, Group and Scene tabs, show when there is no database device or live device.
  • Fixed exception when loading live data from eHub.
  • Fixed eHub transformation of sensor channels.
  • Improved error messages for eHub disable rules.

RAPIX Addressing v6.4 (01 February 2018)

  • Update graphics and added Installation Guide for the Motion Sensor Mux Mk2.
  • Update graphics and added Installation Guide for the Dry Contact Coupler.
  • Improved handling of DALI non-compliant devices.
  • Fixed the KeyNotFoundException exception occurring on rare occasions when opening eHub GUI.

RAPIX Addressing v6.3 (12 December 2017)

  • Added support for the Motion Sensor Mux Mk2.
  • Added support for the Dry Contact Coupler.
  • Allowed identification of individual sensor gang.
  • Enabled the walk test of individual sensor gangs that support it (i.e. Sensor Mux Mk2).
  • Fixed Dimmer Timer template when used with dial.
  • Improved summary of Preset and Scene Adjust templates.

RAPIX Addressing v6.0 (22 November 2017)

  • Added “memory” option to the Motion Sensor Advanced template.
  • Added highlighting of eHub motion sensor input with orange when motion is detected.
  • Fixed the Script Editor timer spin edit getting stuck on values above 30 mins.
  • Show the button reordering message on eHub GUI only when needed.
  • Increased Max light level threshold. Use max and min values from templates.
  • Improved accuracy of the Sync Status report for the Emergency DALI devices.

RAPIX Addressing v5.5 (13 September 2017)

  • Added firmware compatibility check to eHub templates.
  • Added eHub templates: “Motion Sensor Advanced”, “Motion Sensor Scene”, “Scene Timer”.
  • Added support for the eHub firmware 2.1.0.
  • The USB DID data sheet is now available on the DALI Interface device GUI.
  • Fixed the message box hiding behind the progress window upon completion of the eHub firmware update.
  • The eHub firmware version number is now stored in the project database so it is visible even when offline.

RAPIX Addressing v5.4 (24 August 2017)

  • Added the graphical DALI Relay configuration dialogue that was once a part of the old RAPIX Addressing software.
  • Added two Xi Flag templates to allow setting and clearing the Xi Flag from a button.
  • The eHub firmware can now be updated from RAPIX Addressing over Ethernet. Multiple eHubs can be selected, and their firmware will be updated in parallel.
  • The DALI line scanner now does not move the discovered DALI devices to addresses occupied by virtual devices.
  • Added Check for Updates to Tools menu.
  • Fixed the eHub template time duration value not saving if it has a Max value limiting it to minutes or seconds.
  • The DALI logger handles invalid DALI messages.
  • Global programming now saves the correct default Min levels to the Relay and non-Relay devices.
  • The eHub disable rule conditions will have a DALI device name displayed if a device exists at SA.
  • The toolstrip buttons look less like labels and more like buttons.
  • The eHub GUI Info tab now displays different numbers depending on the eHub f/w.

RAPIX Addressing v5.3 (31 July 2017)

  • Fixed a bug causing the software not to start on Windows Server 2012.

RAPIX Addressing v5.2 (21 June 2017)

  • Improved project load speed.
  • Fixed an issue where adding an activity to an eHub would incorrectly calculate the resources used.

RAPIX Addressing v5.1 (14 June 2017)

  • Added DALI eHUB support
  • Added support for the DALI eHub LCD switch
  • Added support for the DALI eHub light level and motion sensors.
  • Added the ability to save/load projects
  • Updated all eHUB templates to provide more flexibility through fewer templates.
  • Added ability to configure Xi Flags in DALI eHub programming.
  • Added ability to put eHub motion sensors into walk test mode.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

RAPIX Addressing v3.3 (22 March 2016)

  • eHub Scripts Update

RAPIX Addressing v3.2 (29 February 2016)

  • eHub firmware detection

RAPIX Addressing v3.1 (20 January 2016)

  • Scene Blast
  • Filter Scenes by group
  • Multi-select components in a scene

RAPIX Addressing v3.0 (30 October 2015)

  • Updated user interface.
  • RAPIX eHub support.
  • RAPIX Zone Controller support.

RAPIX Addressing v2.6 (1 April 2015)

  • Advanced DALI Relay Configuration.
  • Remote Access Tech-Support.

RAPIX Addressing v2.5 (18 February 2015)

  • Short Address Offsets (0-63 or 1-64).
  • Group Address Offsets (0-15 or 1-16).
  • Scene Offsets (0-15 or 1-16).

RAPIX Addressing v2.4 (5 November 2014)

  • Configure DALI Relay Devices.

RAPIX Addressing v2.3 (27 August 2014)

  • New USB DALI Interface driver.

RAPIX Addressing v2.2 (9 July 2014)

  • Fixed discovery/detection of DALI Interface Devices.

RAPIX Addressing v2.1 (26 June 2014)

  • Discover and address Relay devices

RAPIX Addressing v2.0 (27 May 2014)

  • Set Scenes
  • Adjust scene levels for each DALI Device.

RAPIX Emergency (DALI)

Download RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.4
RAPIX Emergency is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with ‘One Click’ commissioning.
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Date Added: 09 January 2018

New Features
  • Simplified software installation and licensing.

Previous Versions

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.3 (20 July 2017)

  • Fixed a bug preventing RAPIX Emergency from being installed on a computer where RAPIX Addressing is already installed.

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.2 (15 May 2017)

  • Import RAPIX Integrator projects that contain DALI Devices with missing DALI information.

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.1 (1 May 2017)

  • Import RAPIX Integrator Projects
  • Connect via Zone Controllers
  • Synchronize Test Plan with Site Project

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.0 (9 January 2017)

  • Import RAPIX Integrator Projects
  • Connect via Zone Controllers
  • Synchronize Test Plan with Site Project

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v1.08

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