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RAPIX Addressing

Download RAPIX Addressing v7.0
RAPIX Addressing is the simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing.

To use RAPIX Addressing you will need a UDID – USB to DALI Interface Device.

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Date Added: 10 July 2019

New Features and Improvements
  • Added support for the DALI Xi Occupancy Sensor.
  • Added project export to Excel.
  • Display the current light level sensor reading on the eHub GUI.
  • Added the Motion and Light Level Sensor template.
  • Fixed all exceptions reported by users.
  • Fixed the Confirm All button remaining disabled after unconfirming a device.
  • Software auto-update changed to use a new server.
  • Clarified what type of eHub input can be used with each template.
  • Improved local interface detection by the Fast Scan.

Previous Versions

RAPIX Addressing v6.15 (5 April 2019)

  • Improved German translations.

RAPIX Addressing v6.14 (15 March 2019)

  • Fixed issues with editing multi-selected colour devices.

RAPIX Addressing v6.13 (13 March 2019)

  • Added support for DALI Type 8 (Colour Control) devices.
  • Changed DALI device default fade time/rate to “dynamic”.
  • Fixed Tool/Export Logs menu item.
  • Fixed selection of “live” grid in RAPIX Addressing.
  • Enable missing DALI Devices to be seen more easily.
  • Added FAST SCAN (i.e. scan for new devices).
  • Fixed the check for updates incorrectly detecting an Emergency device firmware, which has already been previously downloaded.
  • Fixed logging of forwarded sensor events.
  • Updated RAPIX Addressing Manual and added it to the installer.

RAPIX Addressing v6.11 (12 December 2018)

  • Prevented DALI line scan from moving new discovered DALI devices to the confirmed addresses.
  • Copying and pasting Scene Control (New Scene) templates on the eHub GUI will paste them as Scene Control templates.
  • Fixed the Scene Control (New Scene) template programming occasionally losing Member and scene info.
  • Improved the Database/Live filter pre-selection on the Addressing view for USB DALI lines.

RAPIX Addressing v6.10 (08 November 2018)

  • Changed in-line editing of DALI Device name on the Addressing view. Press F2 to edit non – default device name.
  • Default the DB/Live Addressing View grids to DB when there is no live network, and default them to live when network is available.
  • Open DALI device properties editor on double-click from the Groups and Scenes views.
  • Light level sensor calibration dialog now allows setting light level above 1000 Lux.
  • Renamed the ‘Save to Network’ check box on the DALI Device editor to ‘Save to Live Device’.
  • Improved display when editing multiple DALI Devices.
  • Disabled the on/off/level buttons when eHub is selected.
  • Log RAPIX software version when software starts and project file name when loaded.
  • DALI Logger: Simplified the DALI Logger filter by merging the Command filter with the Message Type filter.
  • DALI Logger: The DALI Logger Message Type filter configuration is remembered and applied when the DALI Logger window opens.
  • DALI Logger: Imported log file now uses time zone from the site.
  • Templates: Show template ID and version at top of template editor.
  • Templates: Improved the way that the timer template handles other sources controlling the Zone.
  • Templates: Improved the Motion Sensor template pop-up hint.

RAPIX Addressing v6.9 (31 August 2018)

  • Added template: Power Up Action.
  • Fixed an exception occurring sometimes when swapping addresses.
  • Improved tool-tips in the grid on the Addressing view to include device names and other info.

RAPIX Addressing v6.8 (14 August 2018)

  • Made eHub peripheral product information accessible on eHub main GUI via channel pop-up menu.
  • Added Project Save As.This can be used for creation of project backup copies.
  • Added eHub Dry Contact state visual indication to eHub GUI.
  • Added DALI line conflict resolution summary.
  • Show device type as Unknown if it does not reply to the Query Device Type command.
  • Improved sorting of DALI devices on the Groups and Scenes views.
  • Improved logging of uDID generated messages.
  • Improved the format of the date and time messages appearing in the DALI logger.
  • Improved the Motion Sensor template.
  • Improved templates filtering on the Template Selection dialogue.
  • Improved eHub programming when 5 or more slave sensors are used.
  • Don’t show the Start Function Test and Start Duration Test buttons on the DALI device GUI when editing multiple devices.
  • Improved the Dimmer Timer template.

RAPIX Addressing v6.7 (25 July 2018)

  • Added firmware update for RAPIX Xi devices (under tools menu).
  • Added a button for deep scan.
  • Added Reboot button to eHub GUI.
  • Added the Duration Test Results DALI EM device status information.
  • Added the ability to start and stop the Function and Duration emergency tests.
  • Explained what the Maintain Zone State option means in the motion sensor templates.
  • Explained dwell duration in template description.
  • Show scene name in tool-tips on eHub GUI.
  • Show eHub port details on eHub GUI Advanced tab.
  • Improved behaviour of toggle timer in Timer templates.
  • Improved behaviour of motion sensor templates.
  • Improved behaviour of Zone and Xi Timer template.
  • Default programming for eHub LCD should be to have beep ON.
  • Other minor improvements.

RAPIX Addressing v6.6 (26 April 2018)

  • eHub firmware update over DALI (under tools menu).
  • Added template “Zone and Xi Timer”.
  • Added DALI Level option for adjacent zones to the “Motion Sensor Advanced” template.
  • Fixed the DALI Logger short address filter.

RAPIX Addressing v3.3 (22 March 2016)

  • eHub Scripts Update

RAPIX Emergency (DALI)

Download RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.7
RAPIX Emergency is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with ‘One Click’ commissioning.
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Date Added: 08 November 2018

New Features
  • The UI performance on large projects has been significantly improved.
  • DALI lines in the test reports will be sorted by interface name and then DALI line name.
  • 0 minutes test duration instead of blank space will appear on devices that reported 0 minutes duration.
  • The test report header section has been expanded to show error percentages grouped by error types.
  • Fixed the Out Of Memory exceptions occurring when attempting to reconnect to 80+ Zone Controllers.
Previous Versions

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.5 (25 July 2018)

  • Simplified software installation and licensing.

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) v5.4 (09 January 2018)

  • Test reports in CSV format can now be generated and attached to emails in addition to the standard PDF reports.
  • Previous Test Results can now be visible in the Configuration view.
  • RAPIX Emergency will now wait for up to 8 hours (instead of 5 hours) when collecting test results after a discharge test before giving up on a device and marking it with “pending test failure”.
  • RAPIX Emergency auto-start on Windows startup can now be configured by a Supervisor user.
  • The device status pie-chart can now be hidden by a Supervisor user.
  • Manual Function Test on All Lines and manual Discharge Test can now be started from the Dashboard.

RAPIX Emergency (DALI) UK

Download RAPIX Emergency (DALI) UK v5.7
RAPIX Emergency UK is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with ‘One Click’ commissioning that supports UK standard discharge test frequency.
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Date Added: 15 November 2018