RAPIX Xi Occupancy and Light Level Sensor

RAPIX Xi Occupancy and Light Level Sensor


The RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor is a DALI Application Controller with PIR movement sensing, light level sensing, and a dry contact input.

The Xi Sensor is a native DALI sensor, directly connected to the DALI line. The sensor supports motion detection and includes a light level sensor for motion gating and light level maintenance.

The sensor includes an optional dry contact (non-isolated) switch input. The dry contact switch input may be connected to a momentary switch or a toggle switch.

The Xi Sensor and optional switch input are configured using the RAPIX Integrator software.

The device supports RAPIX templates, zones, flags and enable/disable rules.


  • Direct connect to the DALI line. No eHUB needed – just DALI power needed.
  • Only 2mA draw!
  • Motion (occupancy and vacancy) + PE
  • No DALI address consumed
  • On board dry contact input for any programmable function on any DALI line
  • Full template logic access
  • Out of the box dry contact operation —> On/Off  DALI broadcast
  • Motion Torch Activation – Shine your mobile phone light into the lens to activate a one-time programming mode – Motion occupancy activates – time out after 15 minutes / broadcast DALI
  • 16+ per DALI line – (remember no DALI address consumed)
  • Considered a stand alone multi-master DALI controller – No Zone controller needed for complete single DALI line operation
  • Can operate on ANY DALI system – Transmits DALI and Xi messages
  • ~15 second programming time
  • Fast, one-click identification in software
  • Bright green LED for easy identification at distance
  • DALI power and data transmission LED indicator on rear
  • Generous terminal sizes
  • Large cable strain relief and transparent terminal cover built in for Australian Standards compliance.
  • Complies with DALI standards IEC 62386-101 and IEC 62386-102
  • 55 mm diameter, suits hole saws 57 – 67 mm
  • Surface mount fits directly over ‘standard’ circular conduit j-box. Sensor snap-in with no tool needed.

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