RAPIX PIR Occupancy Sensor

RAPIX PIR Occupancy Sensor


The RAPIX PIR Occupancy Sensor (DGEMS360CL) for connection to a RAPIX eHub. The RAPIX PIR Occupancy sensor includes a detection lens which senses both Minor and Major Movement (as defined by NEMA Standard WD 7 – 2011 for Occupancy Motion Sensors).


Movement is detected via a sensor array with 864 fields of view, ensuring reliable operation to a distance of 7m diameter. The device also includes a light sensor for detecting ambient light levels.

Adjustment sliders for time-out and light level are discreetly hidden in the patented sensor head which pops out providing easy configuration after installation, without any tools.


  • Connect directly to a RAPIX eHub (up to 2 sensors per eHub)
  • Pre-terminated 5m lead for connection between sensor and eHub
  • Unobtrusive, 60mm diameter, flush-mount design
  • High sensitivity 360° detection array designed for both minor and major movement applications

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