RAPIX Modular Switches

RAPIX modular switches configured for a six gang wall plate. The configuration comprises of one master and five slave push button switches, the optional labelled button caps have been used

RAPIX modular switches are wall switches for the RAPIX Lighting Control System which fit in standard Australian wall switch grid plates. RAPIX modular switches function as eHub input peripherals.

• RAPIX modular switches are available as ‘masters’ or ‘slaves’.

• Available as push button, rocker and rotary switches.
• Master RAPIX modular switches connect directly to the eHub.
• Slave RAPIX modular switches connect via master RAPIX modular switches
• RAPIX modular switches are configured in RAPIX software to perform a wide range of functions and each modular switch (both masters and slaves) includes two software configurable LED indicator colours, white and amber.



RAPIX master rotary switch with large size dial in a single gang wall plate

RAPIX master and slave modular rotary switches with small size dials in a two gang wall plate

Rotary switches are supplied complete with interchangeable coloured silicon rings. This can be changed to suit switch function, décor or customer preference


• Two configurable LED colours, white and amber
• Fits standard Australian wall plate apertures
• Master RAPIX modular switches connect to the eHub and are powered via the eHub
• Slave RAPIX modular switches connect to a master and are powered via the master

• Typical functions include:

• Toggle on / off
• Fade lights up or down
• Start or cancel a timer
• Recall a fixed level
• Toggle between off and the current Level
• Issue a scene

Coloured Bezel Kit for LEDsmart and RAPIX Push Button Dimmers/Switches/Timers 



This kit allows LEDsmart Push Button Dimmers, Switches and Timers and RAPIX Modular Push Button Switches to be customised to provide a blue, orange or green indicator, rather than the standard white indicator.

The Retaining Bezel on a LEDsmart or RAPIX Push Button is supplied with a clear finish. This allows the white LED indicator to provide a white glow around the button. The clear bezel can be replaced with a green, orange or blue version supplied in the kit. This changes the colour of the LED indicator from white to the colour of the replacement bezel.



push button datasheet thumbnailrocker switch datasheet thumbnailrotary switch datasheet thumbnail


RAPIX modular switch - Push Button Master

RAPIX modular switch - Rocker Master

RAPIX modular switch - Rotary Master

RAPIX modular switch - Push Button Slave

RAPIX modular switch - Rocker Slave

RAPIX modular switch - Rotary Slave

Connecting RAPIX modular switches to the eHub

Each master RAPIX modular switch is supplied with the following patch leads.

eHub to RJ-45 patch lead

Master RAPIX modular switch to RJ-45 patch lead

These two patch leads are used in conjunction with standard Cat5/Cat5e cable and RJ-45 connectors to connect master RAPIX modular switches in the eHub.

Connecting masters to slaves

Slave RAPIX modular switches connect directly to masters. Slaves have an integrated flying lead with a male connector. Masters have matching female sockets.

Connection between a master and

slave RAPIX modular switch

Typical installed connections

Typical connections between master and slave rotary RAPIX modular switches in a two gang grid plate

Typical connections between a master and three slave RAPIX modular switches in a four gang grid plate

Maximum number of master / slave connections

The number of slave RAPIX modular switches supported by each type of master are shown in the table below.

RAPIX modular switch eHub patch lead connections

Connection between a master RAPIX modular switch and RJ-45 patch lead

Connection between the eHub and RJ-45 patch lead

Connections from the eHub to master RAPIX modular switch

The diagram below shows the connections between the eHub and a master RAPIX modular switch.

The maximum distance between a master RAPIX modular switch and the eHub is 100m.

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