RAPIX Lighting Control System Solutions

Lighting Control of Brilliant Simplicity


Introducing the RAPIX Lighting Control System, a new DALI and Ethernet based system that is purpose-built for commercial buildings – unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ competitive offerings. The RAPIX Light Control System strips away layers of complexity to greatly accelerate the design, installation and commissioning of lighting control.

Welcome to a new era of brilliant simplicity – with simply brilliant commercial implications.

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Easier to Design

Know DALI? Know RAPIX Lighting Control System. Based in DALI with a compact product range, designing sophisticated lighting control systems is easier than ever.

Simpler to Install

Designed in Australia using DALI and Ethernet as a core technologies, RAPIX Lighting Control System is created with generous mechanical design for simple installation to help contractors save time on site.

Faster to Commission

Saving time on site with RAPIX Lighting Control System helps RAPIX Xi Certified Systems Integrators deliver projects on time on budget with easy to use software, templates and local support from the team who created the hardware and software in Australia.

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RAPIX Lighting Control System is a new DALI-based system that removes complexity to accelerate the design, installation and commissioning of lighting control – with simply brilliant commercial implications. The RAPIX Lighting Control System has been built from the ground up to meet current and future requirements, it is based on Ethernet and DALI, the International Standard for lighting control.

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RAPIX Addressing is a simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing. It is a software tool which is proven to deliver time saving and ease of use in all projects where DALI Short Addressing is required – from smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

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RAPIX Emergency provides a DALI based, fully automated, emergency lighting monitoring and report software system, compliant with emergency and evacuation lighting standards.

The unique One Click Commissioning feature offers installers the most efficient method available for configuring an emergency lighting monitoring system. Using patented software, a complete DALI system can be configured from a single mouse click.

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RAPIX Lighting Control Features

  • Easier to design
  • Simpler to install
  • Faster to Commission
  • Embedded Ethernet & DALI
  • Secure, Encrypted Communications
  • Designed in Australia

RAPIX Addressing Features

  • Connect & auto-scan DALI lines
  • Automatic Short Addressing
  • Identify all connected DALI devices
  • Includes DALI Emergency devices
  • Assign, change DALI Short Addresses
  • Confirm feature to avoid errors

RAPIX Emergency Features

  • Connect & auto-addresses DALI devices
  • ID all Emergency DALI devices & groups
  • Auto creation of Emergency test groups
  • Sets discharge & function test schedules
  • Automated reports & auto-emails reports
  • Complies with AS2293 standards