RAPIX Integrator Introduces Visual Floor Plan Commissioning

Diginet’s RAPIX Integrator v6 introduces floor plan commissioning for simpler, faster and easier lighting control design, commissioning and maintenance.

The new RAPIX Integrator floor plan view allows importation of CAD drawing, PDFs, and other graphical file formats and introduces smart workflows which save time when commissioning commercial DALI lighting control solutions.

As the premium Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IoT Connectivity in Australia, this new floor plan functionality from RAPIX allows systems integrators and contractors the capability to design, plan and commission with a single tool.

The ability to directly import a project’s CAD drawings, real-time layer manipulation and automatic assignment of existing CAD lighting icons to DALI addresses, is a first for Australia, leap-frogging other system’s capabilities.

“We are thrilled with the momentum RAPIX has achieved and we know customers appreciate our market entanglement strategy of understanding their challenges in the office, on site and after installation. Our ‘MO’ has always been to provide solutions in the RAPIX platform to meet these challenges head-on with smart workflows.” says Simon Richardson, National Sales Manager for Diginet Controls Systems at Gerard Lighting.

“This new floor-plan functionality takes RAPIX to another level and provides tangible value in time and money savings to all stakeholders that choose RAPIX as their lighting control platform. Couple this new floor plan functionality with our award winning RAPIX Addressing solution and we believe time savings in excess of 60% over older, legacy lighting control systems are achievable. ”

With site and labour costs on the increase, managing these can have a significant impact on the profitability of lighting control projects for RAPIX customers.

Being able to work directly with imported CAD drawings with full layer visibility control – or a PDF, JPG, PNG and place lighting icons – provides customers the flexibility to approach projects with the best available digital resources and eliminate duplication in design, planning and commissioning.

Additionally, the ability drag and drop control zones, with automated grouping and zoning of control zones save significant time at each stage and makes systems maintenance and changes even faster.

This Phase 1 release is just the beginning. RAPIX was developed with a focus on less – less equipment, less complexity and less time. This focus on saving time and doing less with more makes RAPIX the most valuable secure lighting control platform released in the last 2 years according to Richardson.

Our plan for new features and functions remains focused on meeting and solving practical problems and is critical in continuing our significant growth and momentum in ANZ. The floor plan functionality provides our customers more functionality with a cyber-secure lighting control foundation on which to build their future lighting, data and connectivity needs.”


RAPIX Lighting control is delivered to the market through a network of trained RAPIX Xi Systems Integrators. More information can be found here.



New Features List

  • Import CAD drawing directly
  • Manipulate CAD layers in real time for clarity
  • Use Standard mouse actions, to move, zoom in, zoom out
  • Use the existing AutoCAD light objects to assign DALI addresses.
  • Double click to assign DALI address
  • Automatic DALI grouping
  • Drag and drop Zone creation
  • Draw zone of any size or shape
  • Nest zones in zones
  • Click to control zone directly
  • Click to control individual lights directly