RAPIX DALI Emergency Lighting Monitor | Saving You Time and Money

Image courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuck - https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/

Image courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuck – https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/

RAPIX DALI Emergency is a sophisticated system that ticks all the boxes for AS2293 (Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs for Buildings) compliance.

In true Diginet fashion we have made simple to install, configure and use.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and its not.

Software, Ethernet and DALI Hardware and DALI EM Luminaires

  • A simple to use intuitive PC based Configuration and Monitoring Software Application
  • DALI is a well proven communication protocol
  • Uses the Building LAN for fast reliable communications
  • RAPIX EM can works on mixed DALI and DALI EM Lines connecting to existing or planned DALI Lines
  • RAPIX EM can work on DALI EM only Lines
  • RAPIX EM will work on DALI Lines that are interfaced to Lighting Control Systems – no conflicts
  • ‘One Click’ set up that will give you an AS2293 compliant system ready for its first discharge test
  • A comprehensive range of fully compliant RAPIX DALI EM Luminaires are available
  • Will work with any compliant DALI EM Luminaires
  • Diginet DALI Power Supplies and Diginet Ethernet to DALI interfaces
  • RAPIX DALI EM Luminaires can be quickly identified using RAPIX Addressing – even Non Maintained EM lights

RAPIX DALI Emergency Lighting Monitor: Once Installed

Our patented ‘One Click’ commissioning process option – finds all the Diginet Ethernet to DALI interfaces, finds all the DALI Emergency Luminaires connected to those Interfaces. It sorts all the EM Luminaires in to Test Groups, making sure that these Groups are spread evenly across all DALI Lines in the building.

These Test Groups are automatically given a schedule that sets the dates for the Initial 120min Discharge Test and subsequent 90min Discharge Tests that AS2293 requires. These default Test Groups, Test Times and Test Dates can be edited, but the default settings will suit most installations.

RAPIX DALI Emergency Lighting Monitor: After the Tests Are Run

The Dashboard view gives a clear visual indication of the results and details of any failed or untested EM Luminaires. AS2293 requires hard copies of Test Time, Date and Result details as well as any repair and maintenance work to be kept .

RAPIX Ememrgency creates PDF Test and Repair reports that are stored on the PC that can be printed off to provide hard the required copies.  RAPIX EM can also be configured to e-mail the Test and Repair Reports to nominated recipients.

RAPIX DALI Emergency Lighting Monitor is a complete solution for meeting AS2293 compliance requirements, a life saver for last minute compliance needs and a innovation in the manner in which it produces the required reporting – for very little effort from Faciliy Managers.

Now its your Turn

Have you been using RAPIX Emergency? What’s your experience been so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.