RAPIX Addressing Fast and Simple DALI Short Addressing

    Now eHUb enabled for Boardrooms, Meeting rooms and single DALI Line applications.
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RAPIX Addressing Overview

RAPIX Addressing is the simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing.

RAPIX Addressing has been engineered to offer time saving and ease of use in all projects where DALI Short Addressing is required from smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

RAPIX Addressing uses a hardware device to connect a laptop PC to the DALI line. The RAPIX Addressing Software has been designed to make all the repetitive DALI Short Addressing tasks accessible and easy to use. The Diginet team have extensive experience in the area of DALI short addressing, and have thought of innovative features that make quick work of DALI Short Addressing.

Your mobile device gives you the freedom to move around the building identifying, setting and assigning short addresses and resolving conflicts, for all connected DALI and DALI Emergency devices on a line.


RAPIX Addressing Now RAPIX eHUB Ready

RAPIX Addressing is now RAPIX eHUB ready for RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution

Sometimes all your project needs is some lighting control smarts in the boardrooms, but not in the main open office space.

The RAPIX eHUB is a powerful, cost effective solution for delivering these DALI boardroom lighting control solutions simply and easily. 

Simply connect one eHub to the DALI line and the input devices such as push button switches, rotary switches, occupancy sensors and light levels sensors which include a single DALI line only.


RAPIX Addressing Downloads



Software Features

  • Connect & auto-scan DALI lines
  • Automatic Short Addressing
  • Identify all connected DALI devices
  • Includes DALI Emergency devices
  • Assign, change DALI Short Addresses
  • Confirm feature to avoid errors


RAPIX Addressing Key Features

Mobile Freedom

One person with a mobile device is all it takes to complete a DALI Short Addressing job.

Time Saving

Significant time savings can be made on all jobs, small, medium and large.

Rapid Find

DALI Xi feature allows DALI luminaires to automatically identify & address themselves.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive software is easy to use allowing confirmation at the touch of a button.


RAPIX Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

Diginet’s very own DR DALI has compiled a list of FAQs to answer the most commonly asked questions, if you still have further questions, please send us a email, or call technical support.

Why should I use RAPIX Addressing on a DALI installation?

The RAPIX software allows the user to simply Identify and reassign Short Addresses for DALI units on a DALI Line, the installer can use a mobile device (eg  Smart Phone, Tablet, Pad etc) to roam the building to find and Address DALI control gear on a DALI Line. Typically you will complete the ID and Short Addressing in half the time and single handed.

Can I Commission Projects with the RAPIX eHUB?

Yes RAPIX Addressing will now allow you to commission up to 24 RAPIX eHUBs on a single DALI line including sensors and switches.

Read more about those applications here: RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution

Can RAPIX Addressing do more than addressing?

Yes RAPIX Addressing will also allow you to globally set min/max levels, recovery levels and fade rate/times on the DALI control gear.

What computer will the RAPIX software run on?

A PC that must be running MS Windows 7 or higher and have 802.11 WiFi capabilities.

What Mobile device can display RAPIX Addressing information?

Any Mobile device that is able to display Web Pages (HTML5) and have WiFi capabilities, it can be running Apple, Android, MS Windows O/S etc – a WiFi router will be required to create the RF network.

What Lighting Control Systems will RAPIX Addressing work with?

 RAPIX Addressing is dedicated to the DALI system.

Will RAPIX Addressing work with DALI Emergency (EM) devices

Yes it will work with DALI Emergency (EM) products.

Will RAPIX Addressing work with all DALI devices?

RAPIX works with all DALI Control Gear products that are fully compliant to the relevant DALI standard – these will have the official DALI symbol marked on them. Products that are DALI ‘Compatible’ will not have that symbol and whilst they will probably work with RAPIX Addressing there may be some features or functions that are not available.