Malabar Sewerage Works, Sydney

Project Snapshot

Gerard Lighting was invited by the contractor to review an aging monitored emergency system at the Malabar Sewerage operations with a view to minimise disruption to the site, whilst reducing any requirements for new cabling and infrastructure installation.

RAPIX Emergency was selected to for both its simplicity in upgrade and changeover electrically as well as its ease of use and maintenance into the future. With most areas monitored being deep underground, a monitored system which provides simple AS2293 compliance and a fully operational emergency evacuation system

An initial visit with a RAPIX Emergency test kit was all that was required to connect to and test the operation of the aging system.

As RAPIX Emergency is 100% DALI compliant and the previous system was based on DALI also, this functional test took about 5 minutes to determine if a changeover was feasible.

Once determined, using the as built plans a swap-out equipment list was provided to ensure that all emergency devices were captured and monitored for AS2293 Compliance.

Special Requirements

  • 1. Provide an AS2293 Compliance Monitored Emergency System
  • 2. Utilise existing DALI Emergency fixtures and infrastructure
  • 3. Minimise disruption to operations
  • 4. Minimise amount of equipment and cabling requirements.

Contractor and Systems Integrator

Barnwell Cambridge

Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd


Sydney Water

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