Smart Scan MKII Occupancy Sensor
High Definition 360 Degree PIR Sensor


RANGE : The presence sensor package consists of two items; a 360 degree high definition passive infrared (HDIR™) sensor head (DGSMARTSCAN1HD) and a control/relay module.

The sensor head is recessed into ceilings and has a low profile trim and opaque dome lens for sensing movement across short and long range plus ambient light level. Adjustment sliders for time and light level are discreetly hidden in the patented sensor head which pops out providing configuration after installation without any tools.

The control module, which switches the loads, are slim line and easily fit into the ceiling space through the sensor head aperture.

Designed for both minor and major movement, the sensor head has 864 fields of view (FOV) ensuring reliable operation up to 7m diameter in different applications (e.g. office or corridor installations). Time delay range is 5 min to 25 min plus a walk test setting of 5 seconds.


  • unobtrusive, 60mm diameter, flush mount design
  • high sensitivity 360 degree detection array
  • integrated light level detector
  • simple ‘push to reveal’  sensor controls
  • 16A inductive load switching per relay output
  • switch input for manual override