Sapphire Diginet 24W 650mA-1000mA LED Driver
Phase Dimmable


Range : The Sapphire Diginet 24W 650mA-1000mA LED Driver (DGLC1000C25PD) is designed for easy installation, long lifetime and high efficiency, this high quality, Australian designed LED driver delivers between 650mA and 1000mA in 50mA increments at 12V dc to 21V dc.


  • Delivers between 650mA & 1000mA in 50mA manually selectable steps, at 12V dc to 24V dc
  • Includes a 4-pin connector for connecting a Gerard Lighting 4-pin LED lamp
  • Provides an additional dc output with screw terminals for use with 3rd party LED lamps
  • Compatible with leading edge, universal and trailing edge dimmers



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