Diginet One Channel DALI Relay Device
General Purpose 10A load switching device


 The RAPIX one channel DALI Relay Device (DGOZ-RLY-10A-01) is designed specifically for on/off switching of up to 10 Amps of lighting load via DALI commands issued on a connected DALI line.


The on-board 240Vac rated relay is capable of switching a full 10A of LED, fluorescent, incandescent and HID lighting loads, suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial building applications.


  • General purpose load switching (ON and OFF) via received DALI commands
  • Capable of switching 10AX @ 240Vac
  • Optional DIN rail mounting bracket
  • Short Address, Group Addresses and DALI scenes can be configured by Diginet RAPIX Addressing software

Also available in a 2 Channel DALI Relay Device



Datasheet Installation Guide