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Getting started with Sitara is as simple as having your electrician install a single Sitara Bluetooth dimmer to one or more lighting circuits.

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DALI Lighting Control Made Easy

Sometimes all your project needs are some lighting control smarts without incurring the costs of complicated lighting control systems.

RAPIX Lighting Control system is a powerful, cost effective solution for delivering smart DALI Lighting Control application simply and easily.

  • Made for Australian Commercial Lighting control applications
  • Control Lighting via DALI, DALI phase dimmers and DALI relays
  • 100% DALI Compliant to IEC62386
  • Tunable white ready
  • Wells Standard ready
  • Program offsite to save time on site
  • Designed in Australia


A Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform Offering IoT Connectivity and Exceptional Project Outcomes

1 Click Commissioning

Complete Automated Reporting

RAPIX Emergency is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with ‘One Click’ commissioning.

RAPIX Emergency is a complete emergency monitoring solution that is simple to use, provides ease of operation and ensures compliance obligations are fulfilled. Suitable for use in all projects where Emergency Monitoring is required from smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

  • Made for Australian Commercial Emergency Lighting control applications
  • Works with all DALI compliant Emergency Drivers from all manufacturers
  • 100% DALI Compliant and  AS2293 Compliant
  • Automatic Generation of PDF Test Reporting
  • Automatic Emailing of Full Test Reports and Repairs reports for log books.
  • Auto-addresses DALI devices
  • Designed in Australia


Auto-generated discharge and optional function tests to AS22393 standards.

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Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform with IoT Connectivity

What is the RAPIX Suite? RAPIX is a Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity. The system’s hardware and software is designed in Australia to Save Time, Save Energy and Save Money for commercial buildings applications. It is designed to...

What is DALI Type 8?

DALI Type 8, also known as DALI 209, is a DALI compatible device (device Type 8) which allows a user to change light colour , colour temperature and intensity to their preference, within the same fixture to achieve tunable white and RGB/W colour changing. DALI Type...

DALI Tunable White – What is it?

DALI Tunable white, also known as DALI Tuneable White, allows a user to change light colour temperature – including intensity – to their preference, within the same fixture. DALI Tunable white uses a single DALI short address to control 2 outputs on a...

Step out of the Darkness with DALI Brightness Levels

Check out any DALI configuration software or documentation and chances are that the term ‘Direct Arc Power’ will be used at some point. For example, a DALI Short address (single Luminaire) or DALI Group Address (a number of luminaries) can be set to go to a particular...

AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency Just Got Even Better

AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency systems provide a simple and cost-effective way to provide AS2293 Compliance by using the international standard for lighting control, DALI. By utilising DALI for Emergency Monitoring everybody saves time and money by using...

Want Secure Lighting Control? Need RAPIX Secure Hive Mind

The RAPIX Secure Hive Mind heralds a new era of collective intelligence for lighting control. With the RAPIX Secure Hive Mind, Diginet’s Adelaide based engineers have jettison decades of old lighting control system design and obsolete operational practices. This...