Lighting Controls Round 2



From mid-1990 through to mid-2000 lighting controls took their place as the next trend in lighting and building management.

The problem was that not enough value was generated from the investment and as budgets shrunk on large projects, the first specification item to be struck off the list was lighting controls, non-essential to the operation of a building, the humble toggle switch returned.

Another decade passed and LED lighting, mobile wireless devices, battery technologies and mesh wireless networks start to move into the mainstream.

New tech startups formed and merged technology building blocks like wireless stacks to LED’s and built new and exciting products for the tech savvy gadget freaks. Then people start thinking of real world applications, doing things that real people needed done with lighting.

Future Challenges for Lighting Controls

And we now face the next big challenge in the lighting industry, not weeding out which LED, but which Lighting Controls suits my application, residential, commercial, industrial, roadway, the list goes on.

In Europe where the market is far more mature for all things automated control, the well established lighting standard for fixtures is clearly DALI.

However the backbone systems usually comprise of other systems such as KNX, or in Australia, Dynalite or C-Bus systems, so the complexity of lighting controls can grow costly from not only a hardware perspective but also from a commissioning and configuration perspective.

However there are a few systems that stand-out from the rest that offer the scope of lighting controls within a space with the simplicity of a single layer over the top of DALI, being ethernet.

This approach ensures that all the DALI devices are connected and relatively seamless in the world of ethernet, making it more appealing for interconnection and interoperability with other devices on Ethernet, utilising proven security protocols and ultimately interactivity with the internet.

Diginet and RAPIX

At Diginet Control Systems’ core is our DNA, “State of the Art Simplicity” in everything we do, in design, service, commissioning, installation or configuration, it must be simple.

Rapix-DALI-AWARD-Winner-2014The RAPIX Suite of Software has a proven track record in just 12 short months for RAPIX Addressing, RAPIX Emergency and you’ll have to wait to see the next installment, better, faster, seamless and completely based on open standards for lighting controls.

It will launch your next commercial building project into Round 2 of Lighting Controls era, simply brilliant.