How to Program DALI Lighting Control System

How to program DALI mobile

How To Program DALI Lighting Control Systems

How to program DALI in 6 easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Download the Free RAPIX Addressing software for a Windows 7 or above PC
  2. Step 2: Buy the UDID (USB to DALI Interface Device) needed to connect the PC to the DALI line – SEE BELOW
  3. Step 3: Connect the UDID to the DALI line and the PC
  4. Step 4: Scan the DALI Line to capture all of the connected DALI devices – this includes DALI relays and DALI Phase dimmers
  5. Step 5: Address, Group and Scene control all the DALI devices
  6. Step 6: Disconnect and go home. You’re done.

All you need to learn how to program DALI devices from any manufacturer and any DALI system is available in the downloads below.

The USB to DALI Interface Device (UDID) provides the ability to do 3 things:

  1. Connect directly and safely to the DALI line, check the operation of all connected DALI devices including On/Off, Dim up, Dim down, flash – all without connecting a PC.
  2. Connect your DALI line to your PC and interface to the Free RAPIX Addressing software to address, group, set DALI scenes and edit DALI variables (min, max, curves etc.) in all connected DALI compliant devices.
  3. Mobile Addressing – Address DALI devices from any browser-enabled mobile device by using Diginet’s patented Fast Find™ algorithm working on devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets etc. – save time, reduce labour and program DALI devices faster.
how to program DALI

How to Program DALI: Essential UDID Information

Software Download

Download the latest version of RAPIX Addressing Software

Its Free!

Buy UDID ( Red Box)

Don't have your UDID (Red Box) yet?

[USB to DALI Interface Device]DALI to USB Device

Contact your local electrical wholesaler and quote part#:


Software Manual

Download the RAPIX Addressing MANUAL

How to Program DALI: Quick Guide to DALI Rules and How to Use the Red Box

How to Program DALI: UDID Troubleshooting Q&A

UDID Connection Troubleshooting
There are 2 locations on the front face of the UDID where LED indicators provide feedback to the user.

When connected correctly the 2 green LED indicator lights atop the device-face indicate that the DALI line is connected and powered.

When the USB cable is connected to the UDID and to a PC the USB indicator light is illuminated.

The DALI communication indicator blinks when DALI communications occur.

Remember, if this is the 1st time you have plugged your UDID into the PC you are using it will automatically install a device driver. This can take a few minutes depending on your PC configuration and your Windows device will notify you that this is happening and when it has completed the process.

Only after the device driver has installed will the UDID work with your PC and the RAPIX Addressing software.

TOP Indicator Lights

  • The 'bannana' plugs are not fully inserted into the UDID. Properly insert the banana plugs provided into the top of the UDID
  • The connection to the DALI line is not secure, has come loose or your DALI line has now power. Check the DALI line has power and that the connection to the DALI line is secure.
  • A short on the DALI line will cause the 2 LED indicators atop the UDID to not illuminate.  Check your DALI line for wiring faults. These could be at the distribution board or at any of the connected luminaires


BOTTOM Indicator Lights

  • The USB cable is not properly connected to the UDID, remove and re-insert the USB cable into the UDID.
  • The USB cable is not properly connected to the PC, remove and re-insert the USB cable into the PC.
Licensing Issues
The RAPIX Addressing software is telling me my UDID will not work as my license has expired. How do I get a new license?

Download the updated version o RAPIX Addressing. This has had all licensing requirements removed.

Using your UDID on non-RAPIX Software
The UDID can be used with a number of other manufacturer's software.

Check the Dr. DALI forum post here for information on using the UDID with Lunatone Cockpit software and Tridonic Master Configurator.

Does the UDID work on DALI from CBUS, Dynalite, KNX, Tridonic etc.?
The UDID device, when connected to a DALI line which has DALI power, is capable of providing all DALI configuration options and operations.

As many of these other systems are using DALI gateways to MAP their protocol to DALI, and not all of them may be DALI compliant, any changes you make in a DALI  (UDID) environment may or may not affect their mapping.

However as the UDID communicates in a DALI compliant message format, it allows for the easy DALI short addresses, re-short addressing, DALI grouping and DALI scene setup, and control of DALI Compliant drivers and ballasts without affecting any of the other 3rd party system gateways.

As each of these systems has a different but similar mapping topology, we cannot provide further generalised information.

If you need further support please contact Diginet Technical Support 1300 95 DALI (3254)