Happy Birthday Lighting Controls – 25 Years On

Lighting Controls is much older than 25 years, we know that, but in Australia and other parts of the world some of the most popular digital lighting control systems were being born 25 years ago this year.

Happy 25th Birthday Lighting Controls and thanks for your service. Times up!

Names like Dynalite, CBUS and KNX have already had their celebrations or are preparing to celebrate 25 years in 2015. Its a testament to them all that they have lasted the test of time, so far, and have some legs left in them – if only because of the large installed base of projects still running their hardware.

But its no surprise that their relevance is waning in 2015.

Think for a Moment What You Were Doing 25 Years Ago.

  1. What type of phone were you using?
  2. What type of car were you driving?
  3. What type of computer were you carrying in your bag?



25 Year Old Electric Car and one made in 2015 – TESLA Model S


As an example these 3, 25 year old lighting control systems are still in use today with their propriety system communication protocols and hardware topologies which were created last century. (with some updating)

Today, these venerable lighting control systems are still being specified, installed and integrated into building networks which ultimately find themselves connected to the internet and are daily becoming a growing, glowing insecure piece of the I.O.T.

These aged lighting control systems require addition of extra hardware blocks and gateways to enable communication onto modern day ubiquitous standards such as Ethernet and the International Standard for Lighting Controls – DALI (IEC 62386).


Released in 1989 Nokia Mobira Cityman 900

After answering these questions for yourself and considering these other facts, ask your self this: Is a lighting control system, which was created when mobile phones looked and operated like Nokia’s Mobira Cityman, the best choice to be specifying or installing in the 21st century?

Lighting Controls Made for the 21st Century

There is a certain comfort in using anything which has provided relatively good performance over a period of time. You know how it works, you know that it works and you feel like your risks are low.

However, like a vintage car which will cost you more each year to insure and maintain and may even require specialist companies to access these services, as it ages that low risk, comfortable environment changes as the world changes around you, to high risk.

Risk mitigation in today’s connected world with connected lighting, digital ceilings and the Internet of Things is better managed with a lighting control system which has been created today from a clean technology slate.

A 21st century lighting controls system founded on Ethernet; embedded with data encryption, authentication and other data protection; which speaks the language of the International Standard for lighting controls without the need for translators or gateways.

A lighting control system prepared and truly capable of future proofing commercial offices, hospitals, stadiums, data centres, train stations and more. Future proofing for our current future not what the future may have been 25 years ago.

Happy 25th Birthday Lighting Controls and thanks for your service – your excused now.