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DALI Lighting Control Made Easy

Sometimes all your project needs are some lighting control smarts without incurring the costs of complicated lighting control systems.

RAPIX Lighting Control System is a powerful, cost effective solution for delivering smart DALI lighting control applications simply and easily.

RAPIX Conversion Pays

RAPIX is another tool in your professional war-chest to provide your customers the confidence they need when dealing with your company for DALI and  Lighting Control Solutions.

RAPIX is created to save you time and deliver 100% DALI compliant lighting control solution with less equipment, less wiring and less time needed for delivery.

Profitable Solutions. Faster. Simpler. Easier

Purchase all the DALI RAPIX Lighting Control products directly through your preferred wholesaler.

We know the market and we’ve created a pricing regime that will ensure you will be profitable from both product sales and less time on site to do more.

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