Free DALI Programming Software

RAPIX Addressing is Free DALI Programming Software.

  • 100% DALI Compliant with all DALI Compliant devices and systems.
  • Address, group and scene setting capabilities
  • Edit all DALI variables in real time
  • Works with all Windows 7 and above PC’s
  • Is totally free

Note: To use RAPIX Addressing a USB to DALI Interface Device is required to connect the PC to the DALI line. The Diginet UDID is compatible with RAPIX Addressing and can be purchased from your local electrical wholesaler.

Quote part #:DGLMIFU01

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Free DALI Programming Software Questions


Does the Software work with DALI from CBUS, Dynalite, KNX, Tridonic etc.?

Yes you can.

The RAPIX Addressing software and UDID device, when connected to a DALI line which has DALI power, is capable of providing all DALI configuration options and operations.

As many of these other systems are using DALI gateways to MAP their protocol to DALI, and not all of them may be DALI compliant, any changes you make in a DALI  (UDID) environment may or may not affect their mapping.

However as the UDID communicates in a DALI compliant message format, it allows for the easy DALI short addresses, re-short addressing, DALI grouping and DALI scene setup, and control of DALI Compliant drivers and ballasts without affecting any of the other 3rd party system gateways.

As each of these systems has a different but similar mapping topology, we cannot provide further generalised information.

If you need further support please contact Diginet Technical Support 1300 95 DALI (3254)

Where do I download the RAPIX Addressing software?
Do I need a license to install and run the software?

No, once downloaded and installed the software will operate without any limitations for as long as you keep it installed.

Can I install it on more than 1 PC?

Yes, you can install it on as many PC’s as you like for free.

*Note there is no MAC version of this software. PC only

Is there any advertising in the software?

No. This is totally free of advertising.

Do I need to buy the UDID for the software to work properly.

Our recommendation is to purchase the UDID to ensure trouble-free operation. We cannot guarantee the operation of 3rd party software and we do not test other manufacturers products of this type with RAPIX Addressing.

Where do I buy the UDID (USB to DALI Interface Device)?

All electrical wholesalers can order this product for you. Quote part #DGLMIFU01

Is there a software manual to show me how to use the software.

Yes, you can download it here.

5 Reasons Why to Download the Free DALI Programming Software

  1. RAPIX Addressing is 100% DALI Compliant software
  2. Modern interface compared to other DALI Programming software
  3. Mobile Addressing capable from any browser-enabled mobile device
  4. 2014 DALI Award Winner for Best New DALI Product and updated in 2018!
  5. DALI programming software for all compliant DALI LED drivers, ballasts, DALI relays, DALI phase dimmers, DALI emergency devices.
DALI programming software