Facility Managers – RAPIX Emergency Is Your New Best Friend

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives

AS 2293 (Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs for Buildings) requires you to regularly test, record and maintain all the EM lights in the building(s) that you are responsible for.

What is the Current Situation?

A recent survey* in the USA found that:

  1. EM luminaires in 70% of buildings that relied on manual testing were not tested regularly
  2. Of those that were tested manually the time taken averaged out at over 10 minutes per light
  3. On a site with 400 EM fittings that will be inconvenient, time consuming – expensive



RAPIX Emergency Can Do Your AS2293 Testing and Reporting Automatically

When you choose the RAPIX Emergency Monitored system you will have an automatic system which solves these identified problems and provides a complaint and safe environment. Presented below the long list of how RAPIX EM provides peace of mind to Facility Managers

  • Runs on MS Windows 7 or higher platform
  • Uses DALI EM control gear – proven reliable
  • Provides a clear visual Dashboard View on a local monitor – EM status at a glance
  • Automatically divides the DALI EM units in up to 8 Test groups
  • Automatically runs test groups on different days
  • Can automatically run tests at convenient times of the days to limit impact on building occupants
  • Can automatically run tests after hours and at weekends with no penalty rates
  • Automatically runs the Initial 120min Discharge Test
  • Automatically runs the subsequent 90min Discharge Tests
  • Automatically schedules the Discharge tests at 6 monthly intervals
  • Automatically creates PDF Test Reports detailing all Discharge Tests results
  • Automatically creates PDF Repair Reports showing only failed EM Luminaires and why they failed – allowing maintenance action details to be signed off
  • Automatically e-mails Test and Repair PDF Reports to Facility and Maintenance personnel
  • Automatically alerts you before a test takes place
  • Automatically alerts you is failed units have not been rectified in a timely manner
  • Offers easy internet access for remote monitoring of multiple sites

Reliable, Cost Effective Emergency Lighting Management

The RAPIX Emergency allows Facility Managers to know with certainty:

  • Know the current status of you EM lighting installation at a glance
  • Maintain the hard copy documentation that AS2293 requires
  • Carry out all required testing regularly, reliably and cost effectively
  • Keep on top of any required maintenance issues

RAPIX Covers your back – just what best friends are for.


Testing emergency lighting systems; By Robin Martin, Lithonia Lighting, Conyers, Ga. — Consulting-Specifying Engineer, 4/1/2009 1:00:00 AM