DALI TCP Lighting Control

DALI TCP Lighting Control

DALI TCP Lighting Control is the future for commercial lighting control and residential application alike.

A DALI TCP Lighting control system allows both Ethernet/TCP and DALI to be embedded and interfaced seamlessly without the need for 3rd party hardware gateways.

It is essential that a DALI TCP Lighting control system is embedded with modern day encryption and security enabling it to be integrated into the ICN (Integrated Communications Network) which is common wiring for commercial buildings now and in the future.

Connected Lighting and DALI TCP Lighting Control

RAPIX DALI TCP Lighting Control System

RAPIX DALI TCP Lighting Control System

A modern DALI TCP Lighting control system like the RAPIX Lighting control system allows stakeholders the ability to access the benefits of connected lighting systems via ethernet.

Digital ceilings where the lighting control system is connected to Ethernet and therefore interconnected to other building systems natively, provides a reduction in traditional cabling and labour costs associated with installing superseded specialised lighting control networks with specialised cables.

DALI TCP Lighting systems therefore reduces the amount of time needed to design a system, reduces the number of products required and provides a simpler installation method on large scale commercial applications.

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RAPIX Lighting Control System. A Native TCP Lighting Control System.

With embedded Ethernet and the dual ethernet port built in switch included in the RAPIX Zones controllers – 4 DALI line controller – the RAPIX Lighting Control system represents a true evolution in lighting control and simplification of lighting systems.

RAPIX Lighting Control System is part of a suite of DALI TCP lighting control hardware and software designed to make integrating lighting control with other systems faster and easier by using Ethernet and DALI as its core communications structure.

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RAPIC Design Guide

RAPIX Suite of Hardware and Software

Designed in Australia by Diginet Control Systems

A complete DALI TCP Lighting Control System Suite of hardware and software.

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rapix addressing

RAPIX Addressing

RAPIX Addressing is a simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing. Its an advanced DALI software tool proven to deliver time saving and ease of use in all projects for DALI Short Addressing.

rapix emergency

RAPIX Emergency

RAPIX Emergency provides a DALI based, fully automated, emergency lighting monitoring and report software system, compliant with emergency and evacuation lighting standards.

rapix lighting control system

RAPIX Lighting Control

RAPIX Lighting Control System is a new DALI-based system that removes complexity to accelerate the design, installation and commissioning of TCP lighting control.

DALI LED Drivers

Diginet LED Drivers are designed in Australia for use with DALI and Phase dim applications including a full range of DALI Emergency LED Drivers all of which are 100% DALI Compliant.

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