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One of the challenges when using a DALI Lighting Control System is the commissioning or programming cycle with the selected DALI Lighting Control Software.

Often these software tools require highly skilled and expensive commissioning engineers to make sense of both the engineering software and system, so the end user can receive, ideally, an easy to use DALI Lighting Control system.

Maintaining these DALI Lighting Control Systems after the building has been handed over can provide additional friction points with facility managers, facility owners and tenants.

When DALI ballasts or drivers fail, recommissioning this gear typically requires similar or the same engineering tools and skill-set to replace the faulty device, adding significantly to the ongoing operating cost.

The skills required to operate the DALI Lighting Control Software come at a cost which are ultimately passed to the projects top line.

Our goal at Diginet Control Systems has been to create DALI Lighting Control Software which both overcomes these issues and acts to save time and money for all stakeholders.

How to Make DALI Lighting Control Software Easy?

Clearly then, its logical that using a DALI Lighting Control Software tool which simplifies this process is valuable to many stakeholders.

However there have historically been some challenges in both finding those tools and providing access to these tools to a greater audience.

Why? Consider this.

  1. Systems integrators can leverage the complexity of the system to derive value and revenue from the project over and over.
  2. Facility Managers can free themselves of the maintenance issues by engaging a 3rd party and on-charging costs to clients.
  3. Systems are often interconnected to many other systems and with this comes complexity and security concerns.

This is not to say that the business model of the Systems Integrator or Facility Manager is flawed, backwards or dishonest in any way. Rather is a representation of the DALI Lighting Control Software tools that have been available to date.

DALI Lighting Control Software Should Leverage the Benefits of DALI Simply

Diginet Control Systems has designed and built a DALI Lighting Control Software application that is succeeding in both simplifying the commissioning process as well as offering significant time and costs savings.

RAPIX Addressing is a DALI Lighting Control Software which allows unskilled labour, with a small amount of training, to undertake the often time consuming task of DALI short addressing, DALI grouping and DALI Scenes.

By enabling a junior technician, facility manager or end user to go mobile - on any mobile device which is browser enabled ( just about every mobile device today!), gone are the days of being stuck in an electrical switchboard. This freedom of movement enables rapid short addressing actively in the field.

This complete DALI addressing information can then be provided to skilled commissioning technician - on or off site - with the knowledge that the DALI lighting control system has been setup on site and is ready for further tweaking to meet the design and specification requirements.

Leave the Switchboard Behind

Leaving the switchboard behind is a paradigm shift in the way in which DALI systems can be commissioned. It is this change which offers the time and cost savings.

A single person, trained to a basic level can undertake this time consuming, on site activity. This means contractors and systems integrators may not have to charge their full commissioning rate for a relatively rudimentary process.

It also means the skilled technicians do not have to incur the same quantity of site visits or related site costs, adding further to cost reduction and meaning this skilled resource can be used elsewhere

The RAPIX Addressing Solution also won the 2014 DALI Award for Best New DALI Product

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