DALI Lighting Control Australia DALI Lighting Control Systems Made Simple

DALI Lighting Control Australia today is suited for a wide range of lighting control applications due to its flexibility and ease of installation.

Diginet Control Systems has been busy creating innovative DALI Lighting Control systems which are built for the 21st century not lost in the 20th century.

We have not been restricted in our hardware and software design decisions by legacy systems or old fashioned lighting control paradigms because we have started with a clean slate from a technology perspective, using the DALI Standard as our foundation.

DALI Lighting Control Australia Award Winners

Diginet Control Systems won the 2014 DALI Award for best DALI product for our RAPIX Addressing Software solution. With its innovative, mobile, time saving approach to DALI Short Addressing the RAPIX Addressing software is a perfect example of how DALI Lighting Control Systems can be executed quickly and professionally.

A Complete DALI Lighting Control System Solution

Diginet Control Systems designs DALI Lighting Control products and software in Australia and manufactures a range of DALI LED Drivers, DALI Emergency LED Drivers, DALI Emergency Monitored Solutions (RAPIX Emergency) and our Award Winning RAPIX Addressing Software - with more innovative DALI Lighting Control Solutions Australia to follow.

DALI Lighting Control Australia Applications

Applications as common as a meeting rooms and small offices; complete commercial office tenancies and carparks; Hotel rooms & Hotel lobbies; Supermarkets and Educational Institutions.

All of these DALI Lighting Control applications can be achieved using the International Standard for Lighting Control, DALI (IEC 62386). DALI Lighting Control Australia systems can be executed just as easily for a small room as it can be for a building-wide lighting control system.

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