Beautiful Wall Dimmers with Smooth LED Dimming Part 2

In Part 1 we told you about the importance of mixing design and performance, creating a new design paradigm for LED wall dimmers with some innovative Australian design.

However, beautiful design and appearance is only half the LED lighting puzzle. A wall dimmer can look beautiful in your home but if the LED light dimming performance does not meet your expectations, why would you install it?

Smooth LED Performance

The best feature of the LEDSmart™ XPERT™ wall dimmer is that it just works.

That is, it was designed in Australia for Australian conditions to provide smooth, simple dimming for LED lights in your home.

Bring Your Home to Life With Light – with LED dimming performance from 100% to 0% without any of the LED dimming nasties others experience.

LED Dimming Nasties – Problems we solved with the LEDSmart™ EXPERT™:

  •  Flickering lights,
  • No dimming performance – lights don’t dim
  • Lights pop off at low levels
  • Large jumps or steps in light output when dimming
  • Harsh light output

The LEDSmart™ XPERT™ is optimised for LED dimming and can dim your traditional lamps just as easily too – so you do not need different wall dimmers for your older light types.

More than a Just a Wall Dimmer

As well as offering class leading dimming performance and helping home owners execute beautiful design, the Diginet LEDSmart™ XPERT™ has a number of extra benefits that most dimmers don’t even come close to.

The LEDSmart™ XPERT™ is a digital dimmer, whereas most dimmers are not.

So what?

LEDSMART XPERT Indicator GlowWell what this means is we have built in some smarts that make installing this wall dimmer a no brainer for most homes looking for a little smart LED lighting control.

Imagine for a moment you want to read a book to your child before bed. With the LEDSmart™ XPERT™ dimmer installed and your lights on, double press the dial.

As you are reading, the lights will slowly dim down over 30 minutes to their lowest level, calming your child before sleep.

And if they are afraid of the dark, this slow fade will see them off to sleep without even knowing the lights have been turned off.

Finally the optionally illuminated dial can second as a night light, negating the need for a separate device


In an adult world there are some romantic scenarios we’re sure you can think of where this feature would be handy too!


Smooth LED Dimming is a New Frontier for Home Owners

Here are some more reasons we at Diginet Control Systems chose to make the LEDSmart™ XPERT™ a digital dimmer, making it an absolute must for any home owners upgrading to LED lighting.

Built in Switch – In most cases there is no need to install an extra light switch to turn the lights on and off. Why? The LEDSmart™ XPERT™ digital wall dimmer has a built in switch too. Press to turn on, press to turn off. Simple.

Normally you would have to install a traditional mechanical switch on your wall plate too, taking way from the design aesthetics. And guess what…if you do need to have a mechanical switch on the plate we have made allowances for that too. More great Australian design innovation.


Set minimum and maximum dimming levels – This helps you bring your house to light with life the way you want. You can set both a minimum level the lights will dim to and a maximum level.

This is easily changed at any time in the future too so you’re not locked in and you don’t need an electrician or technician to make these changes.

Press and hold to dim – Don’t like to use the dial to dim? No problem. You can press and hold the dial to dim down – release – press and hold to dim up. Easy.

LED Indicator Control – There is an LED indicator which provides a soft white light glow around the dial. You choose whether the indicator stays on when the lights are off, or turns off.

This flexibility can be ideal for locating your LEDSmart XPERT digital wall dimmer in the dark, or if it interferes with your nocturnal serenity, you can choose to turn it off.

Not Just for Homes

Certainly any application where superior quality phase dimming of LED lighting is required, the LEDSMART XPERT is the perfect choice.

Some commercial applications include:

  1. A restaurant or cafe that needs to set a minimum evening dining level – which needs to dim slowly to that level over 30 minutes with a simple double tap action
  2. A retirement home or aged care facility which needs a  large dial with good visibility in the evening and which is easy to see and press for light
  3.  A retail outlet that requires a preset level of lighting at different times of the day to maintain brand consistency.

All of these applications can be achieved without the expense of a complicated lighting control system.

Designing beautiful wall dimmers in Australia with smooth LED dimming performance heralds an exciting new frontier for home owners and commercial operators alike. Not only can the dimmers look great on the wall, the extra features add a touch of luxury and convenience at a fraction of the cost of other automation systems.

The LEDSmart™ XPERT™ has been discontinued and replaced with LEDSmart+ Dimmers  and Sitara Bluetooth Lighting Control System which can be bought through your electrician or at your local electrical wholesaler.

Just ask for it by name and quote the part number: MMDM/RT

Diginet Sitara Wireless Bluetooth Home Lighting Control System