Beautiful Wall Dimmers with Smooth LED Dimming Part 1

We have previously written about the importance of upgrading your wall dimmers to those optimised for LED dimming. This includes matching the LED and dimmers together to achieve best results.

Wall dimmers are also known as:

  • Rotary Dimmers
  • Rotary Dimmer Switch
  • Rotary Wall Dimmer
  • Rotary Digital Dimmer

But why do these wall dimmers have to be plain, white panels with little dials which don’t meet the rest of your house’s personality? And if you start matching your decor and your wall switches you can be up for some big bucks.

The new Diginet LEDSmart XPERT wall dimmers address all these issues and more, with beautiful design options and optimised LED dimming performance.

LED Dimming With Beautiful Wall Dimmers

First , when our Australian designers started we focused on what our customers were looking for.

They were tired of small, plain, plastic dials in the centre of a wall switch. However, customers wanted to use the traditional wall dimmer because it is familiar and simple to use. But they also highly rated the ability to express their personality through their house’s design.

With the LEDSmart XPERT we solved this problem with some good-old Australian innovation.

Simply and smartly.

Because the LEDSmart XPERT can be fitted into just about an standard Australian switch plate we didn’t have to worry about that part. Customers are free to choose the plate design that suits them and their budget.

However, a single small dimmer dial in the middle of even the most beautiful wall switch plate looks disproportionate and out of place. So we provide customers two sizes of dimming dials with every wall dimmer.

LEDSMARt XPERT Coloured RingsOne large, tapered dial to balance the appearance of a single dial installation which also features a swappable coloured rubber ring. This, coupled with our soft white indicator LED light, provides an intuitive tactile feel to the dial with a subtle coloured glow adding to the design and utility of the dimmer, especially in dark environments.

We also supply one small dial, so multiple wall dimmers can be installed on a single wall switch plate for utility and allows control of multiple circuits of lights from a single location. These also come with the swappable rubber rings to maintain design aesthetics or lighting circuit identification.

These 2 simple yet innovative Australian design initiatives, multiplies how the LEDSMART XPERT dimmer can be used in your home beautifully.

In Part 2 we’ll discuss the importance of bringing great design and LED dimming performance together and how this can enhance your home even more.

The LEDSmart™ XPERT™ can be bought through your electrician or at your local electrical wholesaler.

Just ask for it by name and quote the part number: MEDM DGRT

LEDSMART XPERT Phase Dimmer Switch