Alexa Light Control

Amazon Alexa Light control is now possible simply and cost-effectively for every Australian Home.

Lighting in your home has a big impact on how you use the different space and can transform the feel of each room. Being able to control your lighting simply and easily using Alexa light control means you can transform how you feel just with a few simple voice commands.

Using the Diginet Sitara Lighting control system with Alexa light control means you can control all of the lighting in each of your home’s rooms, by voice, from a mobile App and from a wall dimmer too.

Diginet Sitara is an Australian designed lighting control system that is simpler and more cost-effective than many older or legacy lighting control systems.

Diginet Sitara is also 100% compatible with Alexa light control (Amazon Echo)  and Google Home Assistant too.



Alexa Light Control Is Simple with Diginet Sitara

Setup is simple. Once your electrician has installed your Sitara Bluetooth mesh dimmer and wall dimmers to enable Alexa light control you need to do 2 things:

  1. Buy your Amazon Echo device and setup your account
  2. Buy your Diginet Sitara Gateway, plug it into any power socket and link it to your Alexa app.

And that’s it!

As you will have already named all of your rooms in your Sitara App, all you have to do now for Alexa light control is speak to Alexa.

“Alexa dim the kitchen to 80%”…she replies…”OK”

As well as Alexa light control, Diginet Sitara provides homeowners a range of lighting experiences previously reserved for high end homes and expensive lighting control systems.


Experience More than just Alexa Light Control

1. 7-day- Scheduling – have lights turn on and off automatically at any time of the day or week, even when you’re away on holiday.

2. Mobile App Control from as many phones as you have controlled rooms in your home – includes iOS and Android.

3. Set Your Own Scene setting from a single button or voice command. Set the whole house into a movie or party lighting scene from a single command!

4. Control of any phase dimmable LED lights you want, including table and floor lamps with dimmable LED, tungsten, halogen lamps.

5. You’re in Control. Always. No need to call back someone to ‘program’ your lights. Its all done from the simple to use App.


And best of all you can get started for less than the cost of a smart phone.