A Brief History of Australian Lighting Controls – Infographic

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Brief History of Australian Lighting Controls



Pre 1980’s – Analogue & Other Dimming Systems

  • 1-10v
  • (IEC 60929)
  • 0-10v
  • DMX

1980’s – Digital Lighting Controls Emerge

Availability of powerful and inexpensive micro processors and in response to increasing demands in commercial facilities for energy savings and controlled lighting…

  • Dynalite created
  • CBUS created

1990’s – Digital Ballasts & more Control Systems

  • 1991- Tridonic invents DSI (Digital Serial Interface) for digital control of fluorescent lighting.
  • Propriety to Tridonic
  • 1990-1999 – KNX Organisation merged/ formed

2000’s – DALI Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Adopted

New International Standard for Lighting Control (IEC62386) achieves widespread use.


Schneider purchases Clipsal including CBUS for a valuation of approx. $750million*


MARCH 25TH 2009 – Philips purchases Assets and Intellectual Property of Dynalite for an undisclosed sum.

2010 – LED Market Disruption in Full Swing

“LED Lighting will be the No.1 Driver for lighting controls over the next 10 years”**

2014 – RAPIX Addressing Wins DALI Award

Diginet Control System’s RAPIX Addressing Software awarded the coveted First Prize in the Annual DALI Awards for being a simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing.


Diginet Control Systems releases RAPIX Emergency^ – The intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with One Click Commissioning

2015 – Lighting Systems Converge into I.O.T

Market demands Open International Standards (DALI & Ethernet), cost & system latency reductions, simple system set-ups, systems interoperability and lighting data access for better decision making beyond control of light.



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** Smart Buildings: The Lighting Controls Business 2013 to 2017, Published 2014.
^ RAPIX Emergency: http://www.diginet.net.au/rapix-emergency/