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RAPIX Lighting Control System NSW Launch

Diginet has launched the new RAPIX Lighting Control System at an event in NSW appropriately held at the Star Room above Sydney’s IMAX Theatre – overlooking the new Barangaroo International Towers Sydney – another project the Gerard Lighting Group were successful in delivering. The NSW launch event of the new RAPIX Lighting Control System was

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Meeting Your Clients Future Technology and Lighting Control Needs, Simply

You’re designing your lighting system for a new multi storey, multi tenancy commercial office building. You’re completing your design now and the project will be completed and built in about 36 months (3 years). Yes 2019! Your design brief from..

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Layering DALI Lighting Controls in Australian Office Buildings

The process of Layering DALI lighting Controls  in Australian Office Buildings helps both facility owners and tenants decrease energy consumption and increase Indoor Environmental Quality. These layering methods used are also relevant to hospitals, courtrooms, police stations, hotels, bars and clubs and..

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