RAPIX Lighting Control System Details


Easier to Design

Know DALI? Know RAPIX Lighting Control System. Based in DALI with a compact product range, designing sophisticated lighting control systems is easier than ever.

Simpler to Install

Designed in Australia using DALI and Ethernet as a core technologies, RAPIX Lighting Control System is created with generous mechanical design for simple installation to help contractors save time on site.

Faster to Commission

Saving time on site with RAPIX Lighting Control System helps system integrators and contractors deliver projects on time on budget with easy to use software and local support from the team who created the hardware and software.

Save Time

Reduce design and commissioning times with the future of commercial lighting control.RAPIX forever changes how DALI lighting control systems are designed and commissioned.

Save Energy

Smart energy saving strategies deliver real bottom line results for property developers and tenants alike. RAPIX makes saving energy in commercial lighting control simpler and easier than ever before. 

Save Money

RAPIX delivers on the triple promise of saving time, energy and money. When you choose RAPIX you start saving money right away with less hardware to install, less time needed to commission and less time needed to maintain, 

The RAPIX Lighting Control System – Secure Out-of-the-Box

RAPIX is a Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity.

RAPIX technology platform is founded on open international standards of Ethernet and DALI, providing choice and no vendor lock in, making maintenance and operating costs the lowest they can be.

As RAPIX is designed to communicate directly with both Ethernet and DALI without additional gateways or other devices, the system architecture is dramatically simplified. Therefore RAPIX natively communicates with both Ethernet and DALI physical layers. There is no need for a middle layer system between these two

RAPIX is designed in Australia and secure out of the box, with encrypted and authenticated communications. This, combined with international Ethernet and DALI standards ensures commercial buildings with RAPIX are future proof, future ready and prepared for IOT integration.

RAPIX is capable of performing dual roles in commercial buildings – lighting control and monitored emergency system – from a single hardware and cabling infrastructure, reducing labour and equipment costs both in the switchboard and in the field. RAPIX is a faster, simpler and easier complete lighting management solution.


This new architecture leads to simpler system design, easier installation and faster commissioning. As there is less hardware, there is also less to go wrong during the service life of the building.

Legacy lighting control systems require additional hardware and software (usually called gateways) to allow communication to DALI and Ethernet physical layers.

Xi Extended Intelligence for DALI

There are a set of commands common to all DALI devices, however special or extended commands can also be utilised on a DALI Line. Diginet has developed an extensive set of extended commands for DALI which enable RAPIX to be the world’s most intelligent DALI lighting control network.

Introducing Diginet’s ‘Xi–extended intelligence” the next generation platform of digital intelligence of DALI lighting networks.

Both Intuitive software and unique hardware features embrace the digital lighting era, and prepare your facility for the evolution of digital lighting this decade and beyond.

Scalable architecture

In addition to being a simpler, the RAPIX architecture is also scalable.

From boardrooms, to single-level tenancies to large buildings, the RAPIX Lighting Control System can be easily scaled to suit all lighting control applications.

Secure communications

Many lighting control systems are an open invitation to online intruders. With 128-bit standard encryption, script replay guards and authenticated communications, the RAPIX Lighting Control System has the security of your client’s control systems and data as a core requirement. In 2016 and beyond, only systems that provide this level of security are acceptable.


With its encrypted and authenticated communications, the RAPIX Lighting Control System comes secure and ready to be installed on Integrated Communications Networks found in modern buildings, reducing duplicate cabling and labour costs associated with running separate lighting control networks.

Reliable communications

Many control systems use UDP communication protocol as a means for transporting information over Ethernet. UDP protocol just sends information, there is no acknowledgement and therefore no guarantee of delivery.

RAPIX does not use UDP.

It is unique in that it uses a reliable multicast based Ethernet communication protocol to provide a guaranteed service.

3rd Party Integration

Our Engineers have developed a simple to implement protocol based on TCP/IP which allows third party system quickly and easily be integrated seamlessly with RAPIX. Embedded or PC based integration is easily achieved.

The protocol is freely available, please contact Diginet for more information.

Typical RAPIX system architecture

RAPIX system details & design parameters

The list below provides as a quick overview of the main parameters that need to be taken into consideration when designing a RAPIX Lighting Control System.


DALI Parameters

  • The nominal DALI Line voltage range is 9.5Vdc – 22.5Vdc, however it has only Basic Insolation (1500Vac) from mains potential. Therefore, the DALI Line must always be run using double insulated mains wiring
  • Up to 300m of 1.5mm² double insulated mains twin cable on each DALI communication bus (the DALI Line)
  • Each DALI Line must include a DALI power supply, with the power supply delivering a maximum of 250mA to the connected DALI Line.
  • The Diginet 240mA DALI power supply is 2 DIN Modules wide


  • Up to 64 DALI Devices on each DALI Line (note, Diginet recommend a maximum of 55 devices per Line to allow for future additions)
  • A DALI Device is typically control gear – a Ballast, Driver or Relay – Note that a single light fitting may contain more than one piece of control gear
  • Each DALI control gear will draw 2mA from the DALI Line
  • DALI Lines do not require communication or network burdens

Zone Controller Parameters

  • Zone controllers connect to the building LAN, allowing high speed communication between all DALI Lines
  • Up to 4 DALI Lines per Zone Controller
  • Each Zone Controller draws 2mA from each connected DALI Line
  • A maximum number of 500 Zone Controller’s (2000 DALI lines) per installation
  • Each Zone Controller is 12 DIN Modules wide
  • Zone Controllers are powered from external SELV power supplies which are 1 DIN Module wide
  • Each Zone Controller will require a Static IP address
  • Up to 10 Zone Controllers can be daisy chained together (back to a standard Ethernet network switch)
  • The maximum distance between the first Zone Controller in a daisy chain and an Ethernet Switch is 100m.

eHub and Input device parameters

  • Up to 25 eHub devices can be connected to each DALI line
  • Each eHub can support up to 4 switch plates – each with up to 6 switches in addition it will also support 2 Occupancy sensors and 2 dry contact inputs
  • The eHub is typically installed in the roof or ceiling space and is designed to fit through a 90mm hole
  • The eHub is supplied with a plug pack SELV power supply
  • Switch plates can be up to 100m from the eHub via SELV cable (Cat 3 or Cat 5)
  • Sensors can be up to 20m from the eHub via SELV cable (Cat 3, Cat 5, etc)
  • eHub devices do not use a DALI Short Address, therefor 64 devices are still available for DALI devices which do use Short Addresses (DALI control gear, for example).
  • DALI eHub devices draw 2mA for a DALI Line

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