Diginet LEDSmart Short Interval Timer METM / DGPB
1 minute to 30 minutes


Range : METM / DGPB

The Diginet LEDSmart Short Interval Timer is designed in Australia to automatically switch lighting off after the timeout period programmed by the installer.

As part of the LEDsmart™ range, this timer enables dimmers, switches and timers to be combined onto the same wall plate, providing the user with a consistent interface.

View the full LEDsmart Range here


  • Timer is programmable between 1 minute and 30 minutes, in 1 minute steps
  • Timer override feature to stop the lights turning off automatically
  • Advanced ‘warning’ feature to dim lighting to 50% level for 5 minutes after time out
  • Mode to convert from Short Interval timer to Long Interval timer
  • Flush and rocker style button options


Download Datasheet Installation Guide


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